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Valentina Giambanco

Valentina Giambanco Valentina Giambanco was born in Italy. After her degree in English and Drama at Goldsmiths, she worked for a classical music retailer and as a bookseller in her local bookshop. She started in films as an editor’s apprentice in a 35mm cutting room and since then has worked on many award-winning UK and US pictures, from small independent projects to large studio productions. Valentina’s novels have received excellent reviews in the British and foreign press. The Times stated that she is ‘a powerful writer with a strong story’ and The Guardian wrote, about BLOOD AND BONE, that it has ‘strongly written, compelling characters…high octane stuff’.
Valentina lives in London and BLOOD AND BONE is her third novel.
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Valentina Giambanco After two years in the Seattle Police Department Homicide Unit Detective Alice Madison seems to have found the kind of peace in her private and working life that she has not known before. When a local burglary escalates into a horrific murder she is put in charge of the investigation and finds herself tracking a killer who might have stalked the city for years – and whose brutality is the stuff of myth in high-security prisons. Alice Madison and her partner Detective Sergeant Kevin Brown will have to re-open old cases and old wounds because mistakes were made and Brown might be responsible for letting a killer go free. The bond between the detectives is tested to its limits as they navigate the case and Madison’s own past comes under scrutiny when Internal Affairs officers begin to investigate her.

Madison’s position on the force – and the fate of the case itself – are suddenly thrown in jeopardy just as the killer prepares to strike again.

The Dark

Seattle Homicide Detective Alice Madison is bound to jailed murderer John Cameron and attorney Nathan Quinn by a debt that cannot be repaid, by a nightmare that changed their lives forever.

When the remains of Quinn’s younger brother – murdered when he was a boy - are discovered in a shallow grave, Madison vows to follow the trail of brutal deaths that leads to the truth.

A sadistic killer stalks the investigation as Madison’s own demons threaten her future with the police and darkness closes in. How far is she prepared to go to save a life?

We all make promises, but some of those promises are written in blood and bone, and Alice Madison knows that in the end she will have to risk her very soul to stop a killer.


The victims. A family of four, murdered in a wealthy Seattle neighbourhood.

Thirteen days. The message left by the killer.

Rookie Homicide Detective Alice Madison, the one chosen to understand his darker purpose.

Twenty-five years ago three boys were kidnapped and taken into the woods, one never came back. Now, to stop a psychopath Madison must go back into those woods and into the unsolved mystery of the Hoh River Boys. Madison must forget her training and follow her instinct to the terrifying end as enemies become allies and, in the silent forest, time isrunning out to save another life.


THE GIFT OF DARKNESS Hardback published in the U.K. and Commonwealth by Quercus starting in June 2013, paperback in September 2014. Foreign rights to U.S.A. and Canada – Quercus U.S.A., publication in November 2014. Germany– Droemer-Knaur, Italy – Nord (Italian website for the book: ), France – Editions Albin Michel, Holland – Luitingh Sijthoff, Spain – Ediciones Pamies, Israel – Keter Books, Japan – Shueisha, Turkey – Panama Yayinlari, Greece – Dioptra Books .
THE DARK: Hardback published by Quercus in the U.K. in September 2014, paperback August 2015. Foreign rights to USA & Canada – Quercus North America, publication in December 2015. Germany – Droemer-Knaur, Italy – Nord, France – Editions Albin Michel, Spain – Ediciones Pamies, Greece - Dioptra Books.

BLOOD AND BONE: Hardback published by Quercus in September 2015, paperback due Winter 2016/2017. Foreign rights to USA & Canada – Quercus North America.