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Cassandra Clark

Cassandra Clark Cassandra Clark gained an M.A. from the University of East Anglia and taught for the Open University on the Humanities Foundaton course in subjects as diverse as history, philosophy, music and religion.   Since then she has written full time as a playwright for theatre, t.v. and radio and as a writer of contemporary romance and librettist for several chamber operas.   She ran a lunchtime theatre in York above a medieval coaching inn and has written for a street theatre group and worked with installation artists on various projects.   She is now writing a series of historical mystery novels set in fourteenth century Europe which draw on travels in France and Tuscany and bring together her interests in music, politics and history.  The first book in the Hildegard of Meaux series was published in 2008 and the fourth in autumn 2012. She is a member of The Society of Authors, The Historical Writers' Association and available for book events with the Mystery People.

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Cassandra Clark - A Parliament of Spies The autumn parliament of 1386 and Hildegard goes to London as ally of the radical Archbishop of York. When they arrive, the City of London and neighbouring village of Westminster are in uproar. The French, with their Spanish allies, have massed a huge war fleet along the shores of the Narrow Sea and England is on the brink of invasion. Every noble and shire knight in the country is summoned to parliament. But young King Richard, 'the beautiful boy', has enemies within his own royal court. A sinister faction led by his cousin is plotting to dethrone him. To do this they intend to attack the queen herself. The Archbishop is warned to rethink his allegiance by the brutal murder of one of his retinue in a tale of vengeance stretching back to the Peasants' Revolt. It becomes a game of bluff and double-bluff against the paid assassin and master spy, Rivera, as Hildegard strives to unravel the connections between the murder of a servant and the plot against London's darling, Good Queen Anne. Meanwhile, in an atmosphere of war fever, the kings' allies are arbitrarily confined within the Tower awaiting execution. Can Hildegard save them and solve the deadly secret of the Tower before the French and Spanish fleet invade London and England falls?


Hildegard of Meaux, sleuth and spy for the powerful Cistercian Order, has found refuge from a world of violence and blood-feud at her new home in Yorkshire.  But by taking a bonded child into the fold, Hildegard has made a dangerous enemy, one who thinks nothing of destroying her little sanctuary to further his own evil ends.  Meanwhile her possession of a priceless relic threatens to drag her into the schemes of traitors to the crown who seek to overthrow King Richard's regime - including his cousin, the ruthless Henry Bolingbroke.  With portents that the end of days is imminent in death by fire, Hildegard must unweave the tangled skein of conspiracy.


The Abbess of Meaux series.  Book one - HANGMAN BLIND, published by John Murray, hardback February 2008, paperback September 2008.  Book two - THE RED VELVET TURNSHOE, published by John Murray, hardback March 2009, paperback October 2009.  Book three  - THE LAW OF ANGELS, published by Allison & Busby, hardback February 2011, paperback August 2011.  July and October 2012 A PARLIAMENT OF SPIES. And to come book five THE DRAGON OF HANDALE.