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Mary Fitzgerald

Mary Fitzgerald Mary was born in Chester and lived there until she left home to start nursing training. She met the man who would become her husband over an operating table in London and they went on to have lots of fun, lots of travelling and four children. Now with the kids all grown up they have settled in a lovely part of Shropshire where the Welsh and Shropshire hills form a beautiful backdrop to the rolling farmland.

Mary has been writing for many years but her submitted novels were always rejected. Eventually she put them onto Kindle where they uniformly received good reviews. One day, to her astonishment, Random House got in touch and she was taken on by their imprint, Arrow. Now the rejected novels are being printed one by one and new novels have been commissioned…

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Latest book: Love of a Lifetime Published 10 Oct 2013 (originally titled Richard Wilde.)

Mary Fitzgerald Richard Wilde is dying and determined to write the truth of his long life. He recalls the ups and downs of a conflicted family on a farm in Shropshire, his war years, his friendships, but most of all the enduring passion he felt for Elizabeth, the girl in the blue dress, who was the love of his lifetime.

When I was Young Published 27 Mar 2014 (originally titled The Imperfect Tense.)

Eleanor Gill goes to France on a school exchange visit. It is 1950 and home life for Eleanor is difficult with a mother who is exhausted from running a Pennine hill farm while her father, damaged by years in a Japanese POW camp, is silent and unable to work. The lush and beautiful farm in the Loire valley where she is placed, enchants her and she is happier than she’s ever been. Then life takes a different and sinister turn.


Kindle Novels; Mist, The Fishing Pool, Traitor’s Gate, Knight on the Potomac.