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Benita Brown (estate)

Benita Brown Benita Brown was born and brought up in Newcastle by her English mother, the youngest of thirteen children, and her Indian father, who came to Newcastle to study medicine and fell in love with the place and the people. After meeting her husband while she was at drama school in London, Benita returned to her home town and worked as a teacher and broadcaster before becoming a full-time writer, publishing many much-loved novels. Sadly, Counting the Days was Benita's last book, as she passed away in April 2014 following a sudden illness. She will be greatly missed.

Books currently available by this author


Benita Brown - I'll Be Seeing You Orphaned Linda Bellwood has grown up looking wistfully through the windows of Fernwood Hall onto the lives of the glamorous Hyltons, knowing theirs is a world she can never be part of. But when she is hired as companion to the old Mrs Hylton, she becomes inextricably linked with the house and its inhabitants.  The dashing eldest son Rupert keeps to himself, but she soon finds herself drawn in as confidante to the beautiful, spoilt daughter Cordelia as her dramas are played out. It’s Florian, the youngest son, whom she feels the most connection to, however, and when their friendship blossoms into something more, she feels as if her dreams really have come true.  But Linda begins to realize that the life she thought she always wanted is not as it seems, and it will take a chance encounter with a young artist to open her eyes to the meaning of true happiness…


I'LL BE SEEING YOU (Headline, 2012). MEMORIES OF YOU (Headline, 2011). STARLIGHT AND DREAMS (Headline, 2009). THE PROMISE Headline, 2008). THE DRESSMAKER (Headline, 2007). FORTUNE'S DAUGHTER (Headline, 2006). A SAFE HARBOUR (Headline, 2005). THE CAPTAIN'S DAUGHTERS (Headline, 2004). Argentine edition by Editorial El Ateneo. French edition by Harlequin S.A. IN LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP (Headline, 2003). HER RIGHTFUL INHERITANCE (Headline, 2002). ALL OUR TOMORROWS (Headline, 2001). A DREAM OF HER OWN (Headline, 2000).  Swedish edition by Richter.