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Stephanie Austin

Stephanie Austin Stephanie Austin is the author of the Devon Mystery series, set in the Dartmoor town of Ashburton. She holds a degree from Bristol University in English and Education. She has enjoyed a varied career as an artist, astrologer and trader in antiques and crafts, and also worked for the Devon Schools library Service. This meandering career path provided much of the inspiration for her books and the creation of their heroine, Juno Browne, and her eclectic assortment of friends.

Stephanie lives in Devon, on the English Riviera. When not writing she is involved in amateur theatre as an actor and director and also attempts to be a gardener and a cook. For more information visit her website


Stephanie Austin When Juno Browne finds a life-sized effigy floating in the river Ashburn, a note attached claims it is the work of Cutty Dyer, Ashburton’s mythical blood-drinking demon. But despite Juno’s instinct that this is a sign of trouble ahead, the police dismiss her find as a practical joke. Then the body of a woman is discovered by the river and it becomes clear that the killer has taken on Cutty’s identity.
But as suspicion falls on someone close to her, Juno finds herself drawn into solving the mystery, desperate to prove her friend’s innocence. As the rain falls steadily and the level of the River Ashburn continues to rise, Juno must unmask the identity of Cutty Dyer or risk being swept away on a murderous tide.


DEAD IN DEVON is a murder mystery set on Dartmoor, in the historic moorland town of Ashburton. Domestic Goddess, Juno Browne, ventures into the world of antiques when she begins working for Old Nick, a dealer with a murky past and a shady reputation. She soon falls foul of one of his more unpleasant customers, the mysterious and menacing Russian, Vlad. But when Nick is brutally murdered it seems that Vlad is not the only one with a motive for killing him. Can Nick’s own family be trusted? And what is everyone searching for? When Juno discover that Nick has left her his antique shop and another dealer meets with a nasty end, she finds herself in constant danger and realises she must find Nick’s killer or risk becoming a victim herself.

Dead on Dartmoor

DEAD ON DARTMOOR On the day Juno Browne’s van goes up in flames she meets James Westershall, handsome owner of Moorworthy House, a large family estate on Dartmoor. Invited to sell antiques at the family’s upcoming garden fête, she takes along colleagues from her shop, Old Nick’s. When one of her team disappears and is discovered dead in woods on the estate, it seems he has been the victim of a bizarre and horrible accident. But, convinced that he was murdered, Juno begins an investigation of her own. She discovers that his is not the only strange death to have occurred on the Moorworthy estate, including that of an expert researching colonies of rare bats in disused mine workings. It soon becomes clear that by asking questions she is putting herself in danger. There is something very wrong at Moorworthy House and the disused mines contain a dark and dangerous secret which she must set out herself to uncover.


DEAD IN DEVON published in HB June 2019 by Allison & Busby and in PB in Oct 2019

DEAD ON DARTMOOR published in HB Oct 2019 by Allison & Busby