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Nicola Pryce

Nicola Pryce was born in Denver, Colorado, and spent most of her childhood in Baghdad and Rome. A strict boarding school and no television saw her reading almost everything she could lay her hands on – usually with a torch under the bedclothes. She left school to train as a nurse in St Bartholomew’s Hospital London, telling everyone she would, one day, write a novel.

Marriage to a dashing young medical student, and three children in quick succession, saw her packing countless boxes and trailing the family all over the UK until they settled in the Blackdown Hills in Somerset. Together they sail the south coast of Cornwall.

THE CAPTAIN’S GIRL, Atlantic Books (July 2017)

Nicola Pryce - The Captain's Girl Cornwall: 1793. As the French Revolution threatens the stability of England, so too is discontent brewing in the heart of Celia Cavendish. Promised to the brutal Viscount Vallenforth to fulfil her father's ends, she must find a way to break free from a life stifled by convention and cruelty. Inspired by her cousin Arbella, who just a few months earlier followed her heart and eloped with the man she loved, she vows to escape her impending marriage and take her destiny back into her own hands. She enlists her neighbours, Sir James and Lady Polcarrow, who have themselves made a dangerous enemy of Celia's father, in the hope of making a new life for herself. But can the Polcarrows' mysterious friend Arnaud, captain of their cutter L'Aigrette, protect Celia from a man who will let nothing stand in the way of his greed. And will Arnaud himself prove to be friend...or foe?

Debut Novel: PENGELLY’S DAUGHTER, Atlantic Books (2016)

Cornwall: 1793. England is at war with France. Mr Pitt’s government is frightened that radicals will join forces with the Jacobins to encourage riot. Rosehannon Pengelly knows to curb her tongue, but doing nothing is not an option.

Believing Mr Tregellas is responsible for the theft of her father’s cutter, she is determined to find proof to implicate him. Dressed in men’s clothes, she leaves the house at midnight. On the cliff top, she stumbles across a sailor, fleeing from an angry mob. Her decision to help him seals her fate, throwing her together with a man she knows to be untrustworthy. Even as she falls in love with him, she questions who he really is.