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Caro Peacock

Caro PeacockCaro Peacock writes historical crime novels. Her Liberty Lane series features a young woman private investigator, operating in the early years of Queen Victoria’s reign. The books have been published in the United States, and translated into Russian, Chinese, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, Romanian and Portugese.
Under her other name, GILLIAN LINSCOTT, she is the author of the award-winning Nell Bray series, featuring a militant suffragette whose fight for the vote involves her in crime investigation. These books have also been extensively translated and two of them became plays for BBC Radio Four.

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Latest book: Friends in High Places

Caro Peacock - Friends in High Places A bungled attempt at a coup in France by the nephew of the Emperor Napoleon has an unsettling effect on Liberty’s world. When an aristocratic friend begs for help in getting a member of the failed coup out from under her roof it seems a simple matter of escorting him to safety. But before she can do that, the man is found hanged from the attic of the friend’s Kensington mansion. Liberty’s attempts to discover who was responsible are hampered by an opera singer out for revenge, several varieties of spy and some of the Metropolitan Police themselves.

The Path of the Wicked

Liberty Lane is persuaded to travel to the Cotswolds to take up the case of a man likely to hang for the murder of a young governess. He is a local rabble rouser and rick burner and the whole rural establishment is against him. Even Liberty is not convinced of his innocence, until she uncovers the story of a kitchen maid sentenced to transportation after the death of her illegitimate baby. Several reputations are at risk if the true story comes to light and Liberty has to contend with prejudice and violence, against the deadline of the approaching assizes.


London, 1840. The unexpected appearance of Liberty's brother Tom at a Foreign Office reception leads her into one of the most challenging murder investigations of her career.

An employee of the all-powerful East India Company, Tom has been summoned to London to give evidence at an official enquiry into the murder of a wealthy merchant's assistant, found with his throat cut en route to Bombay. A connection between the dead man and the escalating rows with China over the lucrative opium trade has caused concern at the highest government level. Although he disapproves of Liberty's chosen career as a private investigator, Tom can't prevent her getting involved in the ongoing murder enquiry.

But how can Liberty solve a murder that took place six months previously almost five thousand miles away? It's a conundrum that will test her skills to the limit.

And events are about to take a sinister turn much closer to home ...


As CARO PEACOCK: THE PATH OF THE WICKED (Crème de la Crime, 2013)

As CARO PEACOCK: KEEPING BAD COMPANY (Creme de la Crime, 2012)


A CORPSE IN SHINING ARMOUR (HarperCollins, 2009)

DEATH OF A DANCER (HarperCollins, 2008); DEATH AT DAWN (HarperCollins, 2007) US editions by Avon.

As GILLIAN LINSCOTT: The Nell Bray Books: BLOOD ON THE WOOD (Virago, 2003)

DEAD MAN RIDING (Virago, 2002)


ABSENT FRIENDS (Virago, 1999)

DANCE ON BLOOD (Virago, 1998)

DEAD MAN'S MUSIC (Little Brown, 1996)

CROWN WITNESS (Little Brown, 1995)

WIDOW'S PEAK (Little Brown, 1994)

STAGE FRIGHT (Little Brown, 1993)

HANGING ON THE WIRE (Little Brown,1992)

SISTER BENEATH THE SHEET (Scribners, 1991) Also: THE GARDEN (Allison and Busby, 2002).