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Annie Groves

Annie Groves is the pen name of author Sheila Riley who inherited the pseudonym while completing the last two of Penny Halsall's Article Row novels. She then went on to create a new series of four family sagas set in the Merseyside area, continuing the Annie Groves name.

Shiela Riley Born and raised on Merseyside, Sheila and her husband Tony, have three grown-up children and five adorable grandchildren. Sheila's lifelong love of story-telling came at a young age when she discovered her English exam grades could be improved by writing tales in the back of her exercise book.

Latest Book: Child of the Mersey by Annie Groves published by Harper £6.99.

Annie Groves The first in the Empire Street series; Child of the Mersey introduces us to one street, two families and a war that will tear them apart...


For the girls living at No.13 Article Row, the war years have never been tougher…

Tilly is heartbroken when Drew, the love of her life, returns to America and doesn’t come back. Tilly can’t believe that he would break their solemn promise to love each other for ever. Olive. Tilly’s mother, knows the real reason that he has never been in touch but fears the truth will hurt her daughter even more.

For Tilly’s friends, Agnes and Sally, the war has also dealt them a cruel hand and, along with the rest of the country, they have had their share of pain. But they say that it is always darkest just before the dawn, so could it be that this war, and the girl’s fortunes, are finally beginning to turn?


A heart-warming story of love and friendship in wartime from the bestselling author of Where the Heart is and London Belles.

It's September 1940 and the London Blitz has begun. For the four girls living at No. 13 Article Row, life must go on, despite the nightly bombing raids.

Underground employee, Agnes, is working round the clock to deal with the huge influx of people seeking safety in her station, while Dulcie is trying hard to make peace with her mother.

Nurse Sally returns to Liverpool and gets a shocking reminder of the past, but this is pushed from her mind when a dreadful accident occurs.

As Christmas approaches, her friend Tilly meets a handsome young American called Drew. Could he be the one to mend her broken heart?

As the bombs continue to rain down on a wintery London, the girls do their best to create some Christmas cheer – but the only present they really want is to be home for Christmas.