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Dilly Court

Dilly Court Dilly Court grew up in the suburbs of north east London, and started writing at a very early age. Her first commercial success was an advertisement for Co-op tea, which she wrote aged 12, receiving a hamper of goodies from the Co-operative Wholesale Society and a nice thank you letter as a token of their appreciation. Having started work as a secretary with Associated Rediffusion, the first London commercial television station, she went on to write advertising copy.

She gave up work in order to bring up her family, but she continued to write in her spare time, and her first novel Mermaids Singing, was published by Arrow Books in 2005. She has since had twelve Cockney sagas published with another coming out at the end of 2011.

Dilly Court also writes under the name of Lily Baxter and her WW2 book, Poppy’s War was published in 2010

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Harper Collins is publishing three books by Dilly Court in 2016, the first of which is RAGGED ROSE (Harper Collins published February 2016)

Latest book: The Christmas Card Published by Harper Collins, The Christmas Card has gone straight into the Charts at Number 3

Dilly Court - The Swan Maid The Christmas Card has gone straight into the Charts at Number 3. When her father dies leaving Alice and her ailing mother with only his debts, the two grieving women are forced to rely on the begrudging charity of cruel Aunt Jane. Determined to rid herself of an expensive responsibility, Jane tries forcing Alice into a monstrous marriage. And when Alice refuses, she is sent to work in a grand house to earn her keep. Finding herself in sole charge of the untameable and spoilt young miss of the house, Alice’s only ally is handsome Uncle Rory, who discovers that Alice has talents beyond those of a mere servant. But when someone sets out to destroy her reputation, Alice can only pray for a little of that Christmas spirit to save her from ruin.


MERMAIDS SINGING (Arrow) 2005, THE DOLLMAKER’S DAUGHTERS. (Arrow) 2006. TILLY TRUE (Arrow) 2007. THE BEST OF SISTERS (Arrow) 2007. THE COCKNEY SPARROW (Arrow) 2008. A MOTHER’S COURAGE (Arrow) 2008. THE CONSTANT HEART (Arrow) 2009). A MOTHER’S PROMISE (Arrow) 2009. THE COCKNEY ANGEL (Arrow) 2009. A MOTHER’S WISH (Arrow) 2010. THE RAGGED HEIRESS (Arrow) 2010. A MOTHER’S SECRET (Arrow) 2011. CINDERELLA SISTER (Arrow) 2011. A MOTHER’S TRUST (Arrow) 2012. THE LADY’S MAID (Arrow) 2012. THE BEST OF DAUGHTERS (Arrow) 2012, THE WORKHOUSE GIRL (Arrow) 2013. A LOVING FAMILY(Arrow) 2013. THE BEGGAR MAID (Arrow) 2014. A PLACE CALLED HOME (Arrow) 2014. THE ORPHAN’S DREAM (Arrow) 2015. RAGGED ROSE (Harper) 2016. THE SWAN MAID (Harper) 2016. THE CHRISTMAS CARD (Harper) 2016

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