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Charlotte Parsons

Charlotte Parsons Charlotte Parsons was born in London but raised in Canada, where she studied psychology at McGill University. After a brief stint as a medical research assistant, she began her career as a journalist at Canada's national newspaper, the Globe and Mail. She then moved to Hong Kong where she worked for the South China Morning Post, first as a crime reporter and then as a humour columnist. Seven years later, she returned to London and joined the BBC as a broadcast journalist. In the course of her career, she has covered everything from humanitarian disasters on the African continent, to fashion disasters on the red carpet. Charlotte is a news producer at CNN International and has a six-year-old daughter.

Latest book: THE SHIFTERS

Charlotte Parsons - The Shifters Sleep is for the weak. In a world where efficiency rules supreme, a drug that can help people work around the clock is hailed as a miracle. Soon Niton moves into the mainstream, and 'sleepers' become the new underclass. But journalist Cynthia Wills is wary… with good cause. What starts out looking like a straightforward murder case leads her to discover a sinister cover-up of horrific proportions. Now that her colleagues and boyfriend Damien are dedicated 'shifters', Cynthia has to decide if she's prepared to lose everything in order to reveal the truth.


SHIFTERS - German publisher DTV and Dutch publisher Luitingh Sijthoff,