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Ginny Bell

Gillian Bell Ginny Bell went to school in Dover, and then worked as an editor for several major publishing houses. She left to become a freelance editor and writer, and was inspired to write The Dover Café series after a trip to Dover Castle educated her on the hardships and heroism of the people of the town during World War II.

Latest book: THE DOVER CAFE AT WAR published by Bonnier Zaffre, September2020. Book 1 in The Dover Café series,

Gillian Bell - The Dover Cafe at War Dover, 1939
At the heart of Market Square lies Castle's Café, run by the formidable Nellie Castle and her six children.
Since the scandalous birth of her son ten years ago, Marianne, Nellie's eldest daughter, has preferred to stay in the kitchen, hidden away from the scrutiny of the town gossips. Overcome with shame, she has never revealed the identity of Donny's father – not even to her own mother.
But with World War II just around the corner, soon Marianne's past catches up with her. And suddenly the lives of the Castle family become a lot more complicated.
Will the secrets from her past destroy their future?

Praise for The Dover Café at War
‘Brilliantly written and researched … I loved it.’ Rosie Goodwin
'A brilliant evocation of a family and community pulling together in wartime. Full of drama, laughter, and nail biting cliff hangers. A triumph!' Annie Clarke, author of The Factory Girls series
'Well-researched and expertly written . . . Perfect for those days when all you want is a book to lose yourself in.' Fiona Ford, author of The Liberty Girls

Book 2 of The Dover Café series, The Dover Café on the Frontline, continues the story of the Castle family and will be published in September 2021.


The Dover Café at War (Bonnier Zaffre 2020)