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Ellie Dean

Ellie Dean Ellie Dean is the best-selling author of the wartime sagas set in Beach View Boarding House on the South coast of England. Ellie lives in a tiny hamlet set deep in the heart of the Sussex Downs which offers the tranquillity so necessary for an author. Ellie finally married her childhood sweetheart some years ago, and they share two daughters, three sons and six grandchildren, who are scattered all over the world.

Latest book, THE WAITING HOURS published August 2017

Ellie Dean THE WAITING HOURS is book twelve in the Cliffehaven series. War has not been kind to Carol Porter. It took her husband and baby and with them, her heart. At last she’s found some solace, working as a land girl on a Devon farm, but Carol’s sanctuary is about to be disrupted. When Pauline Reilly hears news of Carol’s relocation she worried for her little sister, but as rumours about Slapton Sands reach Cliffehaven, Pauline becomes more concerned for her only surviving son. As Carol prepares to face the impending upheaval alone, her beloved mother, Dolly, swoops into Slapton, and packing up Carol’s life presents unexpected opportunities for them both. Carol looks to her future while Dolly confronts a ghost from her past, and they both have a chance to mend their broken hearts.

THE WAITING HOURS , published August 2017 went straight to #two in the bestselling e-book charts.

UNTIL YOU COME HOME published January 2017

UNTIL YOU COME HOME is book eleven in the Cliffehaven series. It is 1944 and Anne Black is making the best of a new life in Somerset. But bringing up her daughters so far from their father, her mother Peggy and her real home in Cliffehaven isn’t easy. The safety of Somerset makes separation barable, until danger strikes and rocks Anne’s world. Back in Cliffehaven, Peggy is running Beach View Boarding House with her usual love and warmth. The war, however, is taking its toll, and Peggy longs to have her scattered family home again. As the fighter planes leave RAF Cliffe every evening, all anyone can hope is that the war – like the night – will soon be over.

UNTIL YOU COME HOME published January 2017 went to #1 in the bestselling e-book charts.

Shelter From The Storm published August 2016

It is 1943, and April Wilton is devastated when she is forced to leave Portsmouth and the Wrens, where she has found friendship, fulfilment and love. Rejected by her mother, and facing an uncertain future, she travels to Cliffehaven. However she carries with her a secret, one that could change her life for ever. Can the warmth and support of Peggy Reilly and those at Beach View Boarding House heal the wounds of April's past and bring her hope amid this time of turmoil?

SWEET MEMORIES OF YOU; Published January 2016

SWEET MEMORIES OF YOU; 1943 Peggy Reilly is at her best when the troubles of war come knocking at the door of Beach View Boarding House – especially when it concerns her younger sister, Doreen. Doreen is divorced from Eddie, but his letters have taken on a more threatening tone of late. When Doreen barely survives a traumatic disaster whilst on leave in London, she returns home to Peggy in the hope that the love and comfort she will find there can help her recover. However, Eddie continues to be an unsettling reminder of her past – and Doreen’s life is about to change dramatically.


ALL MY TOMORROWS. 1942 As enemy planes bomb the East End, Ruby Clark is fighting for her life against her brutal husband and is forced to flee London, her home, her mother and everything she knows. Taking the first train out of the city, she finds herself in Cliffehaven – a small seaside town she has never been to before. At first it seems Ruby has fallen on her feet, for her billet is comfortable and the job in the tool factory is well-paid. But when her landlord makes unwelcome advances, Ruby faces life on the streets.

Until an unexpected turn of events brings her to Peggy Reilly’s boarding house. Ruby at last dares to hope for a brighter future now she has the love and support of those at Beach View. And yet swiftly moving events in London mean that is all about to change….


December 1941 and the Japanese are invading Malaya. Sarah and Jane Fuller escape from the rubber plantation for the uncertain safety of Singapore, but when it becomes clear it is not the refuge they had hoped for, their father puts them on a ship for England. But they have only the address of two elderly great aunts, and when they arrive in Cliffehaven it is to discover that the old family home has been bombed, and that they are unwelcome at their other great aunts. With only a few English pounds in their purse, they must quickly find shelter and work, and pray that their parents have survived the Japanese invasion after the fall of Singapore.

THERE’LL BE BLUE SKIES is Ellie Dean’s first wartime family saga for Arrow, and has just been bought by French publisher, L’Archipel.
FAR FROM HOME is the second in the Beach View Boarding House series, and has also been bought by French publisher, L’Archipel.
KEEP SMILING THROUGH continues the series.
WHERE THE HEART LIES follows the fortunes of those who come to Beach View.
ALWAYS IN MY HEART went straight into the top twenty best-selling charts.
ALL MY TOMORROWS reached no. 6 in best-selling charts and still selling strongly.
SOME LUCKY DAY is the seventh book in the series with sales of over 37,000
WHILE WE’RE APART is number eight and reached top twenty best-selling charts.
SEALED WITH A LOVING KISS went straight into top twenty best-selling charts.
SWEET MEMORIES OF YOU is the tenth book in the series, published January 2016.

Ellie Dean also writes as TAMARA MCKINLEY, and her epic novels are now published by Quercus.