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Emily Freud

Emily Freud Emily Freud grew up in North London. She studied at the University of the Arts before embarking on a career in television. She has worked on EMMY and BAFTA award winning series including Educating Yorkshire and First Dates – as well as developing original factual and entertainment ideas for the main broadcasters. Her love of story and character led her to pursue a writing career. Her debut novel CLOSURE is out in 2020, published by Quercus. Emily still lives in North London, with her husband and two small children. She is currently working on her next novel.

Latest Book: CLOSURE

What if seeking closure from your past could devastate your future?

CLOSURE is a psychological thriller set in London. Kate has been sober for six years, and a day at a time, all the things she wished for her life are coming true. When her old best friend Becky reappears after ten years, Kate is plunged back to the drunken night that broke off their relationship, suddenly and without explanation. Step 9 of Alcoholics Anonymous requires Kate to apologise to anyone she may have hurt during her drinking. With Becky back Kate decides it is finally time to carry out her Number 9 with her. She hopes it will give her the closure she craves, so she can finally lay to rest one of the last painful memories of her previous existence. But things become complex as the girls’ lives and families clash once more. Has Becky really accepted her apology? Or is she still ravaged by bitterness over what happened all those years ago. As Kate is forced to face up to some home truths, is she right to point the finger at others? Or is this her disease, driving her to self-sabotage, just as she found her happy ending.