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Jane McMorland Hunter

Jane McMorland Hunter Jane McMorland Hunter writes books on the good things in life; gardening, cookery and needlecraft. She also edits anthologies of poetry, writes for the American food website Zester Daily ( and works as a gardener in south-west London. She studied History at Edinburgh University and Ceramics at Goldsmith’s College, London and then wentto work at Hatchards Bookshop in London, where she has remained, on and off, for over twenty years. She lives in London and has a tiny garden, with a summer house where she writes and an ever-increasing collection of pots crammed with flowers, fruit and vegetables.

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Latest book: Quinces, Growing and Cooking, with Sue Dunster

Jane McMorland Hunter - For the Love of an Orchard Quinces have become an undeservedly forgotten fruit and are almost impossible to buy, even in season. Quinces tells their fascinating history and shows how to make the most of both the trees and the fruits. The trees are small, attractively shaped and have the most exquisite blossom. The fruits are delicious and versatile, and the recipes here extend well beyond jelliesand jams, including sweets, savouries and even drinks.

‘Hunter and Dunster’s book salves the quinces reputation and, with any luck, will restore it toits former prominence in our gardens, orchards and kitchens.’ Brian Morton in the TLS


Quinces, Growing and Cooking (with Sue Dunster, Prospect Books 2014); Favourite Poems of England (editor, Batsford 2014); First World War Poems (editor, National Trust2014); Classic Readings and Poems (editor, Batsford 2014); Ode to London (editor, Batsford 2012); National Trust Kitchen Garden Cook series: Tomatoes (National Trust 2011); National Trust Kitchen Garden Cook series: Potatoes (National Trust 2011); For the Love of an Orchard (with Chris Kelly, Pavilion 2010); Teach Yourself Basic Gardening Skills (with Chris Kelly, Hodder 2008); The Tiny Garden (Frances Lincoln 2006); French edition (Les Editions Eugen Ulmer 2007); German edition (Deutsche Verlags-Anstatl 2007); Teach Yourself Gardening (Hodder 2003); Teach Yourself Mosaics (Hodder 2001); Teach Yourself Needlecraft (Hodder 2000).